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Dr. Schlesinger, a CHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIAN as well as a CERTIFIED FITNESS TRAINER, offers a "boutique style" practice located within SUMMIT AVENUE MEDICAL a Premier Primary Care Facility for the discerning individual. Emphasis is always placed on PATIENT EDUCATION allowing for the LEAST amount of ongoing and continued Chiropractic office visits, accentuating and synchronizing the importance of INDEPENDENT SELF CARE MANAGEMENT rehabilitation and physical fitness to maximize the patients overall recovery for optimum sustained well being and utmost physical condition.

Dr. Schlesinger while utilizing his expertise in the science of Chiropractic and his extreme passion for physical fitness, strength training and nutrition, gives his patients the tools and knowledge to actually rehabilitate and restore their own musculoskeletal weaknesses through strength training and 1-on-1 guidance reducing the necessity of continuous "In Office Care" enabling Dr. Schlesinger's patients to have a much greater impact on their own overall health and recovery allowing for as well as resulting in long lasting effects.

Additionally, while it is always Dr. Schlesinger's greatest passion and intent to address each and every patient and clients specific needs with his thirty two plus years of experience in the science of Chiropractic, Nutrition and the field of Fitness Strength Training, not every individual may respond in a manner which he feels is satisfactory and/ or sufficient. At that time the client and/or patient will be referred to either their current primary care physician who will either further evaluate or Dr. Schlesinger will direct his patient and/ or client to an alternative healthcare specialty most suited to additionally evaluate and assist in obtaining the most beneficial outcome and/ or prognosis for his patient and/ or client.