1. Durable, therapeutic, reusable and flexible cold packs for the reduction of inflammation and pain.

  2. Professional strength burst-resistant fitness and stability balls for abdominal, core, back strengthening and conditioning.

  3. CryoDerm (Cryotherapy Spray) for the reduction of back and muscle pain, Arthritis pain, shoulder and neck pain as well as joint and leg pain.

  4. Lumbo-Sacral as well as Sacroiliac supports for acute and chronic back pain and to provide additional postural stability. Normalizes function of the Sacroiliac joint.

  5. Tri-Core Neck/ Cervical Pillow for added support during back and side sleeping, Tension Headaches, Neck muscle and joint sprains, Ligament sprains, Arthritis and Whiplash injuries.

  6. Econo Leg Spacer for the relief of pressure and strain on the lower back, knees and ankles. Helps relax muscles.

  7. Anabolic Laboratories Nutritional Supplements

  8. Standard Process & Designs for Health Immunity Nutritional Health Bars

  9. Nutritional/ Fitness Counseling & Chiropractic Gift Certificates

  1. Additional Fitness, Nutritional and/ or Chiropractic support products available upon request.