With inspiration and encouragement
FITNESS begins here!!!
I won't just listen to you,
I will HEAR you!!!

 - Dr. Jeffrey Schlesinger


It's not my mission to be
the best, but rather
through inspiration,
experience and
encouragement is to make
"YOU", my patients and
clients better!!!

 - Dr. Jeffrey Schlesinger

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With my knowledge and experience,
it is my philosophy and
conviction to treat
THOUSANDS of patients
with 1 or 2 visits
rather than a few patients
with endless visits!!!

-Dr. Jeffrey Schlesinger


About background - doctor and patient


Dr. Schlesinger, a CHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIAN as well as a CERTIFIED FITNESS TRAINER with over 37 years of practice experience, offers a "boutique style" practice located within SUMMIT AVENUE MEDICAL a Premier Primary Care Facility for the discerning individual. Emphasis is always placed on PATIENT EDUCATION allowing for the LEAST amount of ongoing and continued Chiropractic office visits, accentuating and synchronizing the importance of INDEPENDENT SELF CARE MANAGEMENT rehabilitation and physical fitness to maximize the patients overall recovery for optimum sustained well being and utmost physical condition.

Dr. Schlesinger while utilizing his expertise in the science of Chiropractic and his extreme passion for physical fitness, strength training and nutrition, gives his patients the tools and knowledge to actually rehabilitate and restore their own musculoskeletal weaknesses through strength training and 1-on-1 guidance reducing the necessity of continuous "In Office Care" enabling Dr. Schlesinger's patients to have a much greater impact on their own overall health and recovery allowing for as well as resulting in long lasting effects.

Additionally, while it is always Dr. Schlesinger's greatest passion and intent to address each and every patient and clients specific needs with over 37 years of practice experience in the science of Chiropractic, Nutrition and the field of Fitness Strength Training, not every individual may respond in a manner which he feels is satisfactory and/ or sufficient. At that time the client and/or patient will be referred to either their current primary care physician who will either further evaluate or Dr. Schlesinger will direct his patient and/ or client to an alternative healthcare specialty most suited to additionally evaluate and assist in obtaining the most beneficial outcome and/ or prognosis for his patient and/ or client.

Dr. Jeffrey Schlesinger
Hackensack Chiropractor | DOCTORFITNESS | (201) 488-5366

5 Summit Ave.
Hackensack, NJ 07601 8503

  • Dr. Jeffrey Schlesinger is a Chiropractic Physician and Certified Fitness Trainer in Hackensack, New Jersey with over 37 years of practice experience in the fields of Chiropractic and Fitness Training.

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  • "Absolutely the best chiropractor as well as human being I have ever met. His years of experience not just in medicine but also life is evident in his vibrant personality. Dr Jeffery is the real deal."
    Joey Rubba
  • "I found Dr. Jeffrey on Google, and based on the reviews I decided to make an appointment as I was in extreme pain. He was not only extremely quick in booking my appointment, but was extremely accommodating to my schedule. After my appointment I can easily say I have found my new Chiropractor! Within 30 seconds of me on the table, he knew exactly where my pain was stemming from and was able to fix it right away. I walked away that day with a huge relief of pain and could not be happier. He is also super knowledgeable and his bedside manner is wonderful. Thanks Dr. Jeffrey! 😊"
    Kimberly Butrico
  • "I've seen Doctor Schlesinger twice now and I absolutely thrilled with how wonderful I feel after an adjustment. He is honest, trustworthy, and doesn't expect you to come 3 times a week, like many chiropractors do. He respects your time and he wants you to learn to listen to your body. He's easy to get in touch with and is very easy to talk to. A real gem!"
    Elizabeth George
  • "Dr. Jeffrey has been my go to Chiropractor for the last decade, I’ve had multiple athletic injuries that have all been quickly resolved, even now I come from out of state whenever I run into issues with my lower back, would 100% recommend to anyone!"
    Steven Lopez
  • "Best chiropractor experience ever! A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Schlesinger and I’m so glad I made an appointment. I walked out feeling so much better. Dr. Schlesinger is extremely personable and made my visit very pleasant. He will definitely be my go to from now on."
    Ash R
  • "This has got to be one of my most pleasant doctor visits. Dr Schlesinger was respectful, very considerate, very gentle and friendly. He explained everything to me beforehand so that I knew what would be happening. Dr Jeffrey is great!"
    Pianist Kim
  • "I have worked for a chiropractor for 21 years and have been getting adjustments for the same amount of time. My boss moved to Florida and is semi retired. I have been looking for a chiropractor to fill his shoes. I was not only looking for a good chiro but also a good personality fit for myself. I found the perfect chiro to fill those shoes. Dr. Jeffrey is AMAZING!!"
    Tiffany Reid
  • "Dr. Jeffrey Schlesinger is a true professional. He took his time evaluating me first, asking me relevant questions, really trying to understand the root cause of the issue I came in with. The procedures preformed really helped with my discomfort. And after he spent time explaining various techniques i can apply at home to improve my overall health. Great guy. I highly recommend!"
    Alex Groyz
  • "He works wonders! I had a severe lower back pain for almost 10 days-didn't seem to be going away. After a friend raved about him I took an appointment immediately. I was lucky enough to get it the next day and after that one meeting my back pain disappeared like magic.He will take a before and after picture to show you what he did. It is amazing how he can point out where the problem is exactly. I love how he eyeballs it. He is a genius. I would recommend anyone with back pain to visit him."
    Sangita Shah
  • "Dr. Jeff is amazing! My daughter had been experiencing headaches and back pain for some time. I knew that she needed to be adjusted but, I didn’t want to take her to just any provider. I was referred to Dr.Jeff by a coworker who couldn’t stop telling me how he helped her get better.
    She was right OMG He is AMAZING! He takes his time to LISTEN and spends as much time as needed with you to get all questions answered and also just to get to know you! He’s a very patient person who genuinely cares about his patients. My daughter hasn’t had a headache since her adjustment and feels Great. He was able to see me as well and I have been sleeping so much better since being adjusted. I highly recommend him to anyone."
    Martha Alvarez
  • "I recently had neck pain and went to Dr. Schlesinger, He was the best chiropractor I’ve been to and was very welcoming and nice. My overall experience was great because I ended up leaving his office way better than I did coming in. I was able to move my head side to side again with no neck pain. I will definitely recommend going to Dr. Schlesinger if you need a chiropractor."
    Rodney Grant
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Schlesinger’s for better than 20 years. I have only had incredible experiences. Dr. Schlesinger has an amazing ability to accurately diagnose and quickly rectify every occurrence of misalignment and pain I’ve had over this time. Dr. Schlesinger is everything one would wish in a doctor."
    David Ashley
  • "First time going to a chiropractor and I enjoyed the experience. Explained everything perfectly well and told me exactly what he was doing and why and even showed me before and after pictures of the adjustments and how much of a different it made. Would definitely recommend!"
    Erick Sacaquirin
  • "I was blown away at how helpful and knowledgeable he was. I was in severe back pain from playing basketball, had a prior injury that I aggravated in my lower back. I went to see Dr. Jeffrey and a great deal of the pain was alleviated. So he doesn’t only Just fix you, he explains the whole process thoroughly and talks about prevention. He has a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share. He’s a true professional at his craft.
    Side note: I texted him a question after my appointment and he called me and answered that. Can’t say I’ve met a doctor that values his patients this way!"
    Ali Omari
  • "Absolutely Terrific!! Dr. Schlesinger called me back in less than 5 minutes and was able to discuss with me over the phone what I should do and need to do regarding my condition. I personally recommend this physician!
    Not only is his information MOST knowledgeable, he is the nicest and most understanding Professional. Definitely will be returning to him!"
    Renee Ottomanelli
  • "Dr. Schlesinger is an absolute professional and treated me by going into depth on my day to day activities. Dr. Schlesinger asks a lot of questions in or order to explain to me exactly what contributed to my back issues, recommends treatments and exercises to remediate the pain. Dr. Schlesinger doesn’t leave even a single stone unturned In order to provide accurate and effective advice. An appointment with Dr. Schlesinger is not rushed, he’s completely focused only on me and my treatment. I also greatly respect Dr. Schlesinger‘s priority to solve the issue immediately rather than scheduling appointments indefinitely."
    David Kalinsack
  • "Dr Schlesinger was awesome. The moment I stepped foot into his office he asked about history and discomfort. He's been the most straight forward Dr I've been to. He's honest and doesn't want to see you often because he wants to ensure you are free of discomfort. He really treated me like family and fixed the issue I've been having for years in just one visit. He really urges you to self care as he won't be able to fix you(adjust) every single day. He's very high on ensuring to educate you as a individual so that the discomfort doesn't come back. I would definitely recommend Dr Schlesinger without a doubt. Thank you again Dr."
    Chan Park
  • "I was recommended by a co worker of mine. I was pleased to see that the wait time was like 1 min after I arrived to be seen. I felt comfortable with Dr. Jeffery he asked all the correct questions to find out exactly what I was going through. He was detailed with every movement and explained what he was doing at the time. He also provided me with the proper/recommended strengthening core workout to help with my back and to minimize back pain. After I left I felt great and could move more than normal with no back pain."
    Greg Valverde
  • "I cannot even describe how my body & life changed after working with Dr Schlesinger. He is such a talented, caring, knowledgeable professional; truly understands the human body, and all that’s connected to pain. He’s just a remarkable chiropractor, trainer and healer. Highly highly recommend him & his practice to anyone who is seeking balance, freedom from pain and stronger/better body!!"
    Samantha Koppelman
  • "I am writing to thank you Dr. Jeffery for your excellent work. A patient’s testimonial is less of a recognition of a doctor’s professional expertise and more of a recommendation of a doctor’s ability to listen, care and heal. After carefully researching various chiropractors in the area for lower bank pain relief due to years of sports, I can vouch for the fact that your abilities are unmatched. Thanks Dr. Jeffery for allowing me to continue to have a pain free active lifestyle ."
  • "My uncle recommended Dr. Schlesinger to me over 15 years ago, I’ve been his patient ever since. I recently moved to South Jersey and I make sure to make an appointment to get adjusted whenever I’m back in Hackensack. Jeff has hands of gold. He knows exactly where you need to be adjusted. Whenever he adjusts me, I feel like a new person. He cares about his patients and is the nicest doctor ever. He is like my family and I highly recommend him."
    Claudia Ferro
  • "As an Internal Medicine Physician and a patient of Dr. Schlesinger's, I must honestly say that he is one of the most professional, well qualified and well trained alternative health care practitioners that I have ever come across in my 30+ years of practicing Internal Medicine in Bergen County. His knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is equal if not greater to that of most Orthopedic physicians that I have known over my entire career. I do not hesitate to refer any of my patients with general musculoskeletal complaints to this fine and well educated professional. One of the most incredible and endearing traits that I find about Dr. Schlesinger, is that if he is not 100% satisfied with the results or progress that a patient is obtaining in a short period of time, he does not hesitate to either refer the patient back for further evaluation or he will research and find the most qualified and suited professional to best address that patients specific needs."
    A Yahoo Local User
  • "Dr. Jeffrey Schlesinger quite simply is the best!!!!! I have utilized several different Chiropractors and Personal Fitness Trainers over the past 10-15 years and know one even comes close. What is truly amazing is that he combines both professions. Chiropractic Medicine and Personal Fitness Training. He gets you better and keeps you that way. He is incredibly Professional, Amazingly Intelligent and cares so much about all his clients and patients. What is even more impressive is that he himself is in amazing physical shape. He always looks awesome. He follows himself what he preaches. He is an exercise guru. A true and real inspiration to both his patients and clients. There is know one that I would recommend more."
    A Yahoo Local User
  • "I have been evaluated, examined and treating with three different Orthopedics, two Neurologists and one other Chiropractor over the past eight months and none of these doctors could figure out what was wrong with me and why I was experiencing all this lower back pain going down one of my legs. I had a Cat scan, MRI and still they could not figure it out. It was not ironically until my insurance company made me get examined by Dr. Schlesinger did I actually finally get to the bottom of my problem. Dr. Schlesinger gave me a more thorough and probably the best evaluation and examination then did any of my treating physicians. I could not believe it. My insurance company sent me a copy of his report and this was the only Dr. who could figure out my problem. While I did not start out treating with this Dr. you bet that I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of finally getting to the bottom of there back problems and surely I will utilize his amazing expertise in the future."
    A Yahoo Local User
  • "Dr. Schlesinger is awesome and caring in everyway. Last week I was referred to Dr. Schlesinger by my primary care physician due to an ongoing and chronic lower back and hip problem that I have had on and off for several years. After a very thorough history and nearly before he even gave me an examination, he diagnosed and new what my problem was that has been haunting me for years. After just one treatment and almost immediately I was a new person and have not had the pain or problem since. This doctor is not only an amazing diagnostician and Chiropractor, he is probably one of the nicest and fittest (He is also a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer) physicians I ever met. He also gave me exercises and tips to prevent the problem from recurring. Dr. Schlesinger. Thanks sooooo much!!!!!!"
    A Yahoo Local User
  • "I have been to many chiropractors, physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons for my back since I was 18 yrs old. Dr. Schlesinger has been a life saver for me. One of my biggest complaints about most chiropractors is they constantly want you in their office. I would go two or three days a week without relief. Sometimes feeling worse afterwards.

    I think Dr Schlesinger's approach to all around health and fitness make him one in a million. He has extensive knowledge and experience in his field and is always seeking out new ways/tech. that work wonders on my back. He taught me exercises that I do everyday. He doesn't push to have you there all week. He let's your body heal! I could go on and on with praises but really Dr. Schlesinger's like family. I've been going to him for at least 15 years! He's so genuine, kind and really the best Chiropractor."
    J. Dib
  • "Dr. Schlesinger has helped me so much with my back and neck problems over the past 3 years. The amount of relief I have gotten has really been life changing. I was very nervous about going to a chiropractor at first, but Dr. S made me feel very comfortable and less anxious. I am extremely confident in his abilities and highly recommend him."
    B. Rosenfeld
  • "I’ve been going to Dr. Jeff for close to 20 years and I can’t imagine going to anyone else!! I trust him wholeheartedly and recommend Dr. Jeff to anyone and everyone!! I love going there bc I’m always guaranteed a good laugh, a great chat and an even better chiropractic experience!"
    M. Schumann
  • "There are not enough stars to give Dr. Jeff. We have been going to him for over 25 years. I consider him a friend after all these years. He goes above and beyond and is always available to us. He is trustworthy, kind, personable and very easy to talk to. You never feel rushed in his office.
    He explains everything in great detail. It is truly always a great visit."
    D. Greenaway
  • "Dr. Schlesinger, has been treating me for over 20 years and has now taken over the treatment of my son Jack. He is kind, efficient, communicative, professional, productive and explains the why ... in everything he does. He is, in a word ... the BEST."
    J. Miller
  • "Our trusted family chiropractor— I’ve been going to Dr Jeff since I ran track in high school. 10+ years later I still see Jeff for adjustments and checkups. I appreciate and respect his insight and since he is also a certified personal trainer he can answer my questions about how different exercises (yoga, weight lifting, skiing, etc.) impact the health of my spine. He’s friendly and funny and a pleasure to visit. I recommend Jeff to anybody looking for hands-on chiropractic care. Thank you Jeff!"
    P. Terlizzi
  • "Without doubt one of the best in the business. His goal is to minimize the number of times that you need to see him, very unlike other chiros who will milk you to come 3x per week. He works with you and your insurance to make sure that you don't get hit with a bill later and really cares about the long-term relationship with his patients. I send everyone I know here including my parents! Lastly, my favorite thing about doc is that I never have to pick up the phone to ask him a question, book an appointment, or get in touch with him... And he ALWAYS replies in less than a few minutes. He makes me feel like I'm his only patient!"
    Nik B.
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Jeffrey 1-2x per year for over thirty years and there is no other Chiropractor that even comes close to his knowledge and expertise."
    Richard M.
  • "Dr. Jeffrey Schlesinger is a fantastic Chiropractor! His attention to detail providing medical care is "caring"! I have finally found the best Chiropractic practitioner in my own town!"
    C. Kerstein
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Jeff's for over 15 years and I would never see anyone else. He spends a considerable amount of time with you and really listens to your concerns to get to the stem of the problem. He is intentional with every adjustment allowing you to walk away feeling like a weight has been lifted. And he always will accommodate for my busy schedule.
    Dr. Jeff is the best!"
    J. Duckman
  • "Dr. Schlesinger is great! I've seen him several times over the course of 5 years and always received the best of care and direction. He responds promptly and is always willing to work with my schedule. Appointments are personable and I'm always left feeling better!"
    Y. Larsen
  • "I have been seeing Dr. Schlesinger once or twice a year for over thirty years. I now travel all the way from upstate New York just to do so. There is not a Chiropractor that is more professional, knowledgeable and ethical than Dr. Schlesinger. Search no further, he Is the one and only Chiropractic Physician that I would ever see and/ or recommend."
    G. Baer
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey's for over thirty years. There is not a physician in my entire life who has more knowledge and sensibility as Dr. Jeffrey. He has kept me pain free for over thirty years due to my extremely active lifestyle. What's more he does what he preaches. I have never seen a more physically fit doctor in my entire life. Dr. Jeffrey, thanks for all your support."
    G. Warshey
  • "I’ve been going to Dr. Schlesinger for years… Always makes me feel better! Also, love his approach. I’ve been to chiropractors who try to get you there as often as possible. He tells you to come in when you feel you need to. No hard sell... highly recommend!"
    Laura H.
  • "Dr. Schlesinger is the best! I have been dealing with chronic lower back issues for many years. Dr. Jeffrey always has time to fit me in when I call. He doesn't pull punches and straightforward in explaining the best course of action."
    Corin D.
  • "Dr. Schlesinger is the best chiropractor out there. You can instantly tell he cares about his patients and about his craft. My wife and I have both been going here and both have benefited greatly from his services. I recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic treatment. I always leave his office feeling refreshed and pain free."
    John P.

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